Documents required for affiliation

Following documents are required for affiliation. You need to submit photocopy (Xerox) of the below documents.
Also you need to keep round stamp of your institute ready. This will be required at the time of signup. Please note that we require only photocopies (Xerox) of the below certificates & all should be self-attested with institute’s stamp on it.

1) For rented place – Rent agreement & Electricity of your academy premise
For owned place – Electricity bill & Maintenance receipt of your academy premise

2) Udyog Aadhar or Shop act license of your academy premise

3) Aadhar card copy, PAN card copy & 2 passport size photos of the signing authority

4) Rs.100 Blank Stamp Paper in signing authority’s name for printing ATC agreement. Once it’s printed then has to be signed by signing authority. After this we need to do notary of the agreement

5) Map of your academy’s location (Print from Google map)

6) Photographs of your institute (At least 14 photos)

7) Application letter for requesting affiliation & letter of understanding regarding exam fees on letter head ==> Draft of this will be provided by us.

8) Round rubber stamp in your institute’s name

9) Copy of certificates of courses done by signing authority/trainers

10) Syllabus details of your course & pamphlet of your academy

11) Trainer’s bio-data with 1 photo